Admissions Procedures

New Enrollments

To apply to the College please call the office or go online to and request an enrollment package.

General Information for New Enrollments:

  • All students into any class shall be tested on basic Mathematics, English Language and General Science.
  • All Students must sign the Student Commitment Form.
  • All students must submit to the College, photocopies or their credentials with the scratch card from the examination body, where applicable.
  • Any family that has two students in the College shall receive a discount of 40% on the tuition fees of the third term. This discount shall apply yearly for the time both students stay in the school.
  • A family interview will be conducted with the prospective student and their parents/guardian.

Official enrollment is not complete until parents are notified in writing that a student is accepted.


Admission status is determined on a year-to-year basis; and it must always be understood that attendance at the College is a privilege, and not a right. A completed re-enrollment package is required along with the registration fee.

General Information for Re-enrollments:

  • All Students must sign the Student Commitment Form
  • School progress and discipline records from previous years will be reviewed
  • Re-enrollment is not official until parents are notified in writing

Withdrawal of Enrollment

Any parent wanting to withdraw a student from the College must notify the office in person or in writing.

The school administration will then issue a withdrawal letter to the student.