Our Values

Our values are depicted with the logo of the School.
• The colours green and blue represent our commitment to the sustainability of our environment (land, air and water).

  • The Eagle’s head represents the character of the leaders that the students are being trained to imbibe.
  • Just as the eagle is a visionary bird, every student is prepared to live a life of vision. At a very tall height it could see extremely far and dive to its target without missing.
  • The eagle holds tenaciously to whatever it lays its hands on. It does not let go easily. Each student is encouraged to persevere and endure the pains of study and learning so that they might reap the fruit of hard work thereafter.
  • The eagle is courageous. It is never afraid of the storm but will rather fly to catch the eye of the storm. The students are encouraged to be fearless as they face the challenges of their profession and career.

•The open book is an indication that all learners are invited to acquire the right knowledge to make them survive in any economy.

• The tools indicate that the students will learn their trades with the proper tools and equipment, and in a safe and secure environment.