Admission Philosophy and Policy

Admission to Eagles Academy Basic Education programmes is on completion of the Primary school curriculum and being successful at the entrance examination to JSS1. Occasionally some students seeking transfer from other schools are admitted into JSS2. Admission to SSS 1 is on graduation from Basic education (JSS 3) and success in the entrance examination into High School. We give equal opportunities to our own graduates as with students from other Basic Education institutions.
Admission to Eagles Technical College is open to anyone that possesses a minimum of credit pass in five subjects in the JSS (WASCE or NECO) examination. Other students who have attempted the Senior Secondary Certificate from NECO or WASC can also apply.

The College seeks to provide an educational setting that best fulfills the prospective student’s needs as well as the needs of all students. For this reason, each prospective and re-enrolling student will be considered on an individual basis. No prospective student shall be denied admission or participation in scholarship programs based on ethnicity, sex, religion or state of origin. The College reserves the right to select students on the basis of academic performance, moral commitment, lifestyle choices, and personal qualifications, including a willingness to cooperate with the College administration and to abide by its policies.

To aid in determination or appropriateness of admission or re-enrollment the following must be completed or made available by the student and the student’s parent(s)/guardians:

  • Completed enrollment/re-enrollment application with the registration fee.
  • Interview and testing as required.
  • Record of immunizations, medical history, and past academic performance.
  • Pledge of cooperation and commitment by both parent and student.

The following are grounds for denial of admission or re-enrollment:

  • Behavioral and disciplinary issues that are not reconcilable.
  • Special academic, emotional and neurological development, or medical needs that cannot be adequately met by the College.
  • Outstanding payment of the previous tuition without written agreement and approval by the Administration.

Prospective students with special medical needs shall be reviewed by the student’s physician or a consultant chosen by the Administrator with the consent of the student’s parents /guardian. Students with special medical needs shall be admitted with approval of the advisory physician. If the Administration is not convinced, the matter will be referred to the Ondo State Ministry of Education or to the Vocational and Adult education for the decision.