About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a local Technical/Vocational High School with standard comparable with similar institutions internationally.

Eagles Technical College Nigeria Limited, a government registered organization is the founder of both Eagles Technical College Ijare and Eagles Academy Ijare. Both institutions strive to promote excellence in education, moral amd skill acquisition in the community. Our objective is to provide opportunity for sound education to all eligible students and allow them to be the best of themselves. Graduating students in our Basic Education section have the opportunity to either pursue the regular high school education in the Senior Secondary School or branch into one of the technical education programs of the college.

The institution has three units, two in Eagles Academy and one unit in Eagles Technical College. Eagles Academy runs general education comprising of basic education up to Junior Secondary School class 3, and Senior Scondary School Class 3, while the focus of Eagles Technical College is Technical Education for self reliance. All students are day students for now but the management is working towards a boarding facility to be made available to willing students in the future.

Both schools are made so affordable that no child is excluded from the schools. In order to ensure that no student suffers unnecessarily because of financial challenges, the management have devised many ways to ensure continuity of studies for students with financial difficulties. Such measures included part time employment in the campus, scholarships, grants to eligible students on a case per case basis.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe and secure environment for sound education to all eligible students and nurture allow them to be the best of themselves, in all areas of study including technical and vocational studies.