Our Teaching and learning Philosophy

  1. We believe that the success of the student depends on a collaborative effort between the student, the parents/guardian and the school Instructors.
  2. Ultimately, the student has the responsibility to cooperate with the parents and the School to mold the student the best way possible to get the best out of the student.
  3. The parents have the responsibility to support the student financially, morally and materially.
  4. The tutors and instructors have the responsibility to discharge their duties diligently and conscientiously to guarantee the value for the money that the parents and students are paying.
  5. The College will make all reasonable efforts to collaborate with the students for industrial training placement.
  6. The College will provide the students with every information that they need in order to secure admission to further studies in Universities and Polytechnics in Nigeria, Africa, Europe and North America.
  7. It is the responsibility of the students to earn the passing grades for admission and to meet other admission requirements.
  8. The administration of the College will work with the applicants, to secure the necessary entry visa or student permit for the country of their choice but it is the responsibility of parents/guardians to fulfill the visa requirements.
  9. We passionately believe in students discipline but with a complete absence of corporal punishment.